Welcome to Oncology Registrars Association of New Jersey

The Oncology Registrars Association of New Jersey (ORANJ) is a 501c3 non-profit professional organization that has been representing New Jersey Cancer Registrars since 1984.

Our Goal

To improve the long-term survival of cancer patients through successfully provide cancer registrars and individuals working towards becoming a certified cancer registrar with up-to-date tools needed to produce reliable, accurate data in a timely manner, which complies with the New Jersey Department of Health law for reporting of cancer cases and which is valid for use in research, education and treatment planning.

Our Objectives

  • To be of greater service to the cancer patient through providing cancer registrars with the resources and tools needed to perform essential duties.
  • Disseminate information to members of this association regarding current activities, research, and trends in the oncology field to ensure reliable and accurate data.
  • Seek active liaison with professional and governmental organizations, which utilize data, derived from cancer registries, to improve quality of data completed by New Jersey cancer registrars.

Our Essential Functions

ORANJ is committed to connecting cancer registrars with vital tools to excel in their duties through:

  • Providing access to educational resources for professional development.
  • Listing online training and continuing education resources for all individuals.
  • Providing educational events, followed by event highlights and education materials to ORANJ members.
  • Providing ORANJ members with biannual ORANJ Newsletter.
  • Listing career opportunities for ORANJ Members.
  • Listing educational opportunities for all individuals interested in becoming a Certified Tumor Registrar.
  • Connecting students and facilities to clinical practicum experiences.