ORANJ is a member-based organization that relies on its’ membership for committee involvement. Volunteers play an integral role in the success of ORANJ. Volunteering for ORANJ benefits the organization, the profession, and you. Become a volunteer in following a few simple steps.

The Bylaw Committee:

The Bylaw Committee ensures the bylaws are current and procedurally accurate by receiving proposed bylaw changes from membership and committees, examining the bylaws, writing and proposing changes which is then forwarded to the secretary. The committee also prepares proposals directed to general membership and submits an annual report of its’ activities to the current president.

  • Bylaws Committee:
    • Maureen Sarno

The Education Committee:

The Educational Committee works to provide continuing education opportunities to its’ members through conferences. The committee submits continuing educational credit applications to NCRA and ensures all event brochures and conference materials are available for membership references.

  • Education Committee:
    • Cynthia DeJong
    • Larisa Matskevich
    • Donna Nick
    • Donna Paone
    • Uzma Rizwan
    • Roxann Seepersad
    • Heather Stabinsky
    • Karen Staller
    • Janine Wajchman
    • Stacy Yates

The Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee ensures current membership status is up to date by keeping track of and sending out notices regarding membership status, accepting new and renewal applications, and maintains and distributes the NJ Hospital Directory to its’ members.

  • Membership Committee:
    • Maryanne Burhenne
    • Suzanne Schwartz

The Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee provides nominees for election, recruits candidates for vacant positions, reviews candidate eligibility to serve for the proposed position, obtains consent of the nominee and a copy of said nominee’s resume, and prepares and receives voting ballot.

  • Nominating Committee:
    • Judy Neuman

Recruitment and Retention Committee:

The Recruitment and Retention Committee provides useful information regarding the profession of cancer registry to students and professionals, and assists cancer registry students in finding clinical sites.

  • Recruitment and Retention Committee:
    • Katherine Geverd

The Ways & Means Committee:

The Ways and Means Committee investigates, plans and reports on fund-raising activities. This committee also conducts and keeps inventory of 50/50 raffle at ORANJ educational events, solicits renting vendor space at ORANJ annual meeting and contributions from sponsors, and arranges National Cancer Registry Week promotional supplies.

  • Ways & Means Committee:
    • Donna Paone

The Web and Publications Committee:

The Web and Publications Committee consists of a team of volunteers who continuously work to provide ORANJ members with up to date information regarding events, educational activities and resources useful to the Cancer Registrar.  This committee develops and publishes a newsletter at least twice a year, develops booklets, handouts and/or flyers as needed, and maintains and updates ORANJ website

  • Web and Publications Committee:
    • Jessica Diamond
    • Maithili Patnaik
    • Maureen Romero
    • Veronica Sandell
    • Roxann Seepersad

The Parliamentarian:

The Parliamentarian ensures the business meetings are run as per Robert�s Rules of Order and guarantees a copy of Robert�s Rules of Order is available at business meetings.

  • The Parliamentarian:
    • Donna Nick

The Historical Committee:

The Historical Committee captures photographic documentation of ORANJ events and maintains a scrapbook of the photographs for all ORANJ members.

  • Historical Committee:
    • Amy Cass
    • Taylor Hessler
    • Maureen Romero

All committees are currently accepting volunteers!!!!

If you are interested in volunteering, please provide your contact information and the committee name you are interested in.