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2024 Membership Year:  Effective January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

Membership in ORANJ runs from January 1st to December 31st.

There are several types of memberships available:

Active – An active member is one whose primary occupation is involved with any or all facets of Cancer Registry work, or is a CTR in good standing. An active member shall be entitled to all membership privileges including the right to vote, hold office, or chair a committee.

Associate – An associate member can serve on a committee, however, they cannot vote, chair a committee, or hold office.

Student – Student member shall be enrolled in a CTR college-level curriculum as approved or pending approval by NCRA and interested in the purposes of ORANJ, but does not meet the qualification for active membership. Proof of enrollment in such a program must be provided. A student member shall be eligible for this classification of membership for no more than five years from the date such member first joined in this category. A student member shall not vote, hold office or chair a committee; but may serve on a committee.

On or before 12/31/23
After 12/31/23
New Member$50$60
Active Member$45$60
Associate Member$40$60
Student Member$30$30

  • A new member includes anyone who is not in current membership standing.
  • If your organization is paying your membership fees, please note the timing regarding the early renewal membership rate. We recommend you contact your organization as soon as the membership is open for early renewal.
  • Any payments made before November 1st will be counted towards the current year and will expire on December 31st.
  • If payment is received after March 1st, you will be required to pay the late renewal rate.
  • If you are paying by check, the mailing address is included in your confirmation email and is also displayed after you complete the membership application.
Please note: Good standing is important for active members to fulfill duties which may include but not limited to, being chair of a committee and voting.

Already a member and need to update your membership profile? Email us with your updated information.