Hello Members


Covid has changed so many facets of our lives. It has changed EVERYTHING!  My only goal for ORANJ is to get our meetings back on track. To that end, I’ve created a survey to get a feel from all of you about upcoming meetings. Please participate so that we can help make our meetings accessible to all in the best way possible.

Providing comprehensive meetings is ORANJ’s main objective.  I know we are all stretched thin with family and work commitments. However, this organization can’t run without volunteers.


We need volunteers for our Education Committee, especially someone willing to Chair or Co-chair the committee. If you have an interest in volunteering but have reservations, please do it anyway!!  The board is always here to help.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in being Chair/Co-Chair or a member of the committee.  My email is: linnette.frey@gmail.com or linnette.frey@hmhn.org.  My cell is 732-684-8521.