Cancer Data Registrar

White Plains Hospital


Under the general supervision of the Oncology Data Manager, this REMOTE position is responsible for the identification of patients with cancer, analysis and interpretation of the cancer site, extent of disease, treatment and follow-up of such patients. Data collection will meet the standards of the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, the New York State Cancer Registry.

Job Description:

Essential Functions and Responsibilities Includes the Following:

1. Understands and adheres to the WPH Performance Standards, Policies and Behaviors.

2. Abstracts all primary sites for Analytic and Non-Analytic abstracts utilizing Pathology Reports, Radiation Oncology (Aria), Medical Oncology Reports and EMR’s (Meditech, EPIC, modmed Dermatology, Centricity)

3. Employs Defensive Abstracting Techniques to support text and data elements.

4. Employs approved edits software to ensure zero (0) errors to New York State Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Database (NCDB) when validating an abstract.

5. Abstracts comprehensive data set in a timely manner including data fields not typical of comprehensive data set. For example:

User Defined Fields to meet NAPBC Accreditation, NAPRC Accreditation and Hospital Bylaw and Survivorship Care Plan Eligibility.

6. Abstracts RQRS abstracts to fullest ability at time of abstraction.

7. Uses reportable lists and applies skillful judgment in complicated case identification. Runs computerized case finding program to download new cases.

8. Performs quality editing of cases entered through the case finding program. Differentiates between and categorizes new cancer cases, recurrent cancer cases and multiple primary cases.

9. Reviews and analyzes hospital records, computerized reports and other medical reports for relevant cancer data; determines and classifies demographics, primary site, histology, stage and treatment on all cancer sites.

10. Uses AJCC 8th ed TNM Stage Manual, ICD-0 database/Manual, SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual, SSDI Manual, Hematopoietic Database, SEER*Rx, Solid Tumor Rules, Grade Manual, Cancer Forum and any other relevant manual to ensure accuracy.

11. Contacts physicians and other health facilities for complete treatment information if needed.

12. Responsible for updating treatment information that is gathered after the case has been abstracted.

13. Responsible for collecting, analyzing and coding patterns of recurrence in cancer patients treated initially for cure, with identification of sites and dates of recurrent cancer and subsequent treatment; determines and codes cause of death in patients who have expired.

14. Participates in Quality Review of colleague’s abstracts and physician reviews.

15. Participates in CAP Review to assist pathology to ensure all eligible surgical cases are synoptic and required data elements are noted.

16. Participates in department projects when assigned.

17. Attend Virtual Cancer Conferences when assigned. Patients discussed shall be abstracted with all information at time of presentation. Synopsis of discussion to assist with completing the abstract as well as identify the patient as being discussed at cancer conferences shall be done at time of presentation.

18. Attend Departments Meetings, when requested provide a presentation to be discussed.

19. Uses Windows applications and interfaces with Information Systems for data input, analysis and retrieval.

20. Researches and prepares complicated follow-up histories for cancer patients, documenting disease status, condition and treatment for the duration of the patient’s life span.

21. Communicates by telephone and mail with physicians, hospitals, and other health institutions in order to obtain necessary follow-up information.

22. Refer requests from patients to appropriate resources (i.e. patient advocates, physician referral service, and medical records).

23. Uses Internet resources to obtain follow-up on patients (Social Security Death Index, telephone directories, and newspaper

obituaries). Works with Senior Cancer Registrar to coordinate follow-up letter production.

24. Coordinates sequencing of letter generation and processing of follow-up letter returns.

25. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

Education & Experience Requirements

High School Diploma with additional college-level studies; Associates Degree recommended, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

Must be a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR)

Thorough knowledge of ACOS/COC and state registry data collection requirements, including RQRS and CP3R measures

Must have formal course work in knowledge of anatomy and physiology or equivalent, and medical terminology.

Must have experience working with computers for data entry and report preparation; able to use the internet,

Proficiency with Microsoft Office – including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Power Point.

Minimum four years abstracting experience; able to abstract complex cancer sites; an expert in abstracting and coding rules.

Instructions for Resume Submission:

Please submit resume to either:

or you can email: